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Blame the BBQ Guy

My friend, Dave Tyda, is the man behind the Arizona Taco Festival and the upcoming Arizona BBQ Festival.  If you don’t know him, he’s insane, and the ultimate master of ceremonies.  He planned a promotional stunt for the BBQ Festival at locally renowned Chompie’s to have 3 people take on the Western Slider Challenge.  This is the same challenge unsuccessfully attempted by famed food-challenger, Adam Richman on Man vs. Food.  Dave called looking for a 3rd contestant for his event.  How could I say ‘no’?

I suited up with an apron, donning a cheetah-print dress to fit in with the Redneck theme.  We had some fun with pre-interviews, trash talking and making fun of Tyda’s wig.


Rodney, me and Dave

Then, they put this in front of me.  12 ginormous sliders of beef, cheese, BBQ sauce and onion rings.  What was I thinking?


The referee called out 30 minutes on the clock and we dove in.  I started off strong, barrelling through 3 sliders easily.  But, by slider 5, reality started to sink in, as did the fuzzy feeling of being over-stuffed.  I trudged through 2 more sliders and half the onion rings until I had to raise the white flag.  My hats off to those who have been able to complete this challenge.  It’s tough!  You can watch a video recap of it all HERE.

Ultimately, I came in 2nd.  I beat Dave, but didn’t hit the heights that Rodney achieved with his “eat-the-meat-first” strategy.  Not sure the best way to go about training for an event like this, but I did my best and certainly had a fun time.

Want to take on a competitive eating challenge, or just eat some dang good BBQ?  Join all of us on Saturday 4/20 at Salt River Fields for the Arizona BBQ Festival.  Get your tickets HERE.

I will say, though, Dave had the cutest cheering section of any of us at the slider challenge today. DSC_0114

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