New T Cook’s Executive Chef

It was sad news the day it was announced that Chef Paul McCabe was leaving T Cook’s and The Royal Palms Resort.  His food was incredible and he was an asset to the local dining scene.  His food was seasonal, inspired and flawlessly executed.  It seems they have found a replacement and my sadness has been extinguished.  I’m just going to put it out there that he’s not so bad to look at, but given his resume, looks like we have great things to look forward to from him.

According to the Royal Palms, he joins the team with 10 years of luxury culinary experience, having previously served as Executive Chef at The Inn at Rancho Sante Fe in San Diego. Allison also worked as Executive Chef at a number of restaurants in California including the 350-seat restaurant, Anthology, Hilton Checkers in Downtown Los Angeles and Bollinger’s in Santa Barbara.

I look forward to seeing what Chef Allison will do after he settles in at T Cook’s and certainly won’t mind meeting him in person.