San Diego Eats

My husband and I did a quick 2 day trip with our kiddos to check out the San Diego Zoo last week.  Details about the trials and tribulations of travelling with kids are on my personal blog.

Being that we were with two squirmy little guys, we needed kid-friendly restaurants.  To me, a place is great for us when it’s loud enough that their occasional hollers aren’t disturbing, high-chairs are available, and service is quick enough to get us in and out within an hour.  With the help of some foodie friends, familiar with SoCal, we enjoyed two great kid-friendly dining destinations in San Diego.

Hash House a Go Go

For those who have been to the one in Las Vegas, this is the same group, but this one is the original.  They are known for gigantic portions (seriously, gigantic is an understatement).  Huge fluffy pancakes, biscuits the size of your head, and a chicken and waffle tower that could feed a family of four are all staples at this super popular breakfast/lunch restaurant.  We went with the corned beef hash, loaded with cheesy potatoes and enormous cubes of sweet salty corned beef.  Most important recommendation, though, especially if you’re with kids, get there early.  We arrived at 9:30am and were seated right away. As we were leaving at 10:30am, the wait was at 45 minutes.  The early bird gets the biscuit here.


Pizza Port

This place, to me, is the essence of San Diego.  Right near Ocean Beach, these folks are brewing their own beer and making perfect Amercian-style pizza.  I say “American-style” because it’s a thicker crust, but not deep-dish.  It’s hearty, bready and loaded with high-quality ingredients.  We ordered the Ocean Beach pie that comes with lots of veggies, melty mozzarella, gorgonzola and house-made bacon.  It’s unlike any pizza I can remember and the spot is obviously loved by the community, where locals bring their friends and families, enjoying slices and brews at long communal tables.  Beach bums definitely allowed.  The best part?  It’s located on Bacon Street.  Literally.


Hope you get a chance to enjoy San Diego this summer, like the rest of us Zonies, and have a happy Memorial Day!