Why EVO is so hot right now

The title of this post is anticipatory.  Christina Barrueta (Write on Rubee) shared Dom Armato’s (Phx Food Nerds) post about Chef Peter de Ruvo taking over the kitchen at EVO and how he is turning out food that will make the food freaks flock.

EVO you might recall, is the space that has turned over fifty ways to Sunday.  I’m sure some of you can go back further than I in history, but past concepts included T. Roosevelt’s Tavern, Cuoco Pazzo, Sunshine Moon Peking Pub, and a breakfast spot called Bacon.  But, seems EVO has broken the streak and will be celebrating 2 years in business this month.

Pair the two years of EVO success with the fact that Chef Peter de Ruvo, the fella who made us all swoon at Davanti Enoteca and at Cuoco Pazzo when it was first open, has returned from his temporary relocation to Chicago and, according to Dom, is absolutely killing it.  You can check out Dom’s recommendations and other details on the thread HERE.  See the posts from today.  I know I’m already looking at my calendar to schedule a visit.

Thanks Christina and Dom for sharing your passion for the food culture in Phoenix, and Chef, welcome back!

If you want to get to know these fabulous folks better, Dom was on the show back on Episode 72 and Christina on a Wine Wednesday with Sam Pillsbury.


EVO is located at: 4175 N. Goldwater Blvd. Scottsdale, Arizona.  Reservations available at (480) 265-9814.