Tips for eating salad for good health And don’t be afraid of being fat.

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Tips for eating salad for good health And don’t be afraid of being fat.

I saw someone buy to eat. We immediately knew that people That must be taking care of your health and tightening your figure. Or definitely losing weight But while seeing people I was eating salad. Immediately he gave us something that made us know, “Eat like this, just eat rice in individual dishes.” Because even though it was Well, not every in this world will make you slim, beautiful, and shapely. What kind of salads should people who are on a diet avoid? Let’s have a look at โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Tips for eating salad for good health

1. Avoid creamy salad dressings.

There are millions of salad dressing recipes to choose from. But the most popular dressing is inevitably “ salad cream ,” which its ingredients include mayonnaise, cream, oil, sugar, and in some recipes, cheese as well. Of course, it has higher energy than other dressings. For those who like to pour on a moist salad dressing, the best way is to change to ” clear salad dressing “, salad dressing, or just squeeze a lemon and sprinkle a little salt and pepper. It’s also delicious.

2. Do not add too many side dishes.

Restaurants that sell salads may also serve toast. There may be butter on the bread. And there’s a lot of cheese. There may also be other side dishes. The store sells things like baked spinach with cheese, fried sausages, potato chips, and many more. It’s not that we don’t eat them at all. But please be patient and eat the instead. Because these side dishes are not only energy-boosting food in addition to the salad we plan to eat. It also increases the price of the meal.

3. Eat protein in moderation. Not too much

Many people don’t eat salads that are just vegetables. Supplement protein that is beneficial to the body and for the sake of living in the stomach as well Which is a good thing that we didn’t interrupt. But it should be protein with little fat. And it is better to cook it by steaming, boiling or grilling. If it’s grilled meat, it’s oily. Fatty fish, bacon, ham, these foods are all protein and high in fat. Therefore, it is better to choose boiled chicken, steamed (less fatty) fish, boiled shrimp, or grilled mushrooms.