5 things you should know before eating durian.

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Did you know that durian is delicious and useful? But if not done correctly, it can also be life-threatening. Therefore, before eating. Let’s read “5 things you should know before eating durian” first.

1. Durian is a high-calorie fruit because 4-6 durian seeds provide 400 kilocalories, equivalent to 2 cans of soft drink or a full plate of rice. Therefore, enjoy eating and be careful of weight gain.

2. Durian has a very high sugar content as well. Therefore, patients with diabetes can avoid it should be avoided.

3. In addition to patients with diabetes , patients with underlying diseases related to high blood pressure, heart, blood vessels and blood lipids should be eaten as little as possible UFABET

4. Durian is a fruit that has heat effect. Eating pure has heat effect already. If taken with alcohol Whether liquor, beer or any alcoholic beverage will cause more harm to the body. The body will be overheated. up to the point of death

5. When gives high energy. So what meal Or what day do you eat? Other foods should be avoided. that provide high energy as well, such as fried foods food cooked with coconut milk Other sweet foods Or try cutting out portions at your next meal. If possible, exercise should be added as well. to burn the energy that has been added