How is Influenza?

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Influenza is a well-known disease and is a very common disease for Thai people. Once it is, it can be repeated can be easily contacted. As a result, an outbreak of the disease occurred. Although influenza is not serious in people who are physically fit. But it has the effect of causing discomfort. inability to go to work or school. It also has a negative impact on the economy and society or low immunity Disease can be serious.

For Thailand, influenza can be found throughout the year. But will be found a lot during the rainy season. From June to October which will coincide with the opening period of the first semester. As a result, there are many outbreaks in educational institutions. After that, it can be found again during the winter after the New Year until the end of February. But the outbreak during this period is usually not as high as the outbreak during the rainy season UFABET

During the 2 years of the severe epidemic of COVID-19 found that the outbreak of influenza and other respiratory viral diseases are greatly reduced. Although the cause is unknown. But it is assumed that there will be issues relate to changes in people’s behavior. Such as reduced travel. Wearing a hygienic mask all the time hand care and more spacing.