Daniel James is impressed with the 2021 pre-season

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Manchester United winger Daniel James is impressed with the 2021 pre-season. The despite not leaving the UK, but changing the atmosphere to different places makes it not monotonous. Including creating rejuvenation before beating the final warm-up to meet Everton (7 Aug)

The coronavirus pandemic has made this summer the ‘ Red Devils ‘ unable to travel abroad like every year. The second phase drill program is only available to Surrey in southern England early , then north to St . Andrew Bowes region Scotland this time.  

Which James, who touched both camps at United, said it was all impressive. Because it was better than sinking at the Aon Training Complex and allowing them to eat the same pot. Do various recreational activities together.  

“ It was great. Even that is different from the normal that we are accustomed to traveling abroad, but with the situation at hand ( Claude David ) had to migrate to open camp 2-3 in the United Kingdom “ ufabet report.