Declan Rice was relieved with 3 points from a difficult game.

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West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice said it was a very important win. Because the team had to face hard work until the last second.

The Hammers defeated Crystal Palace 3-2 in the Premier League on Saturday. Leave the Hammers back in fifth place, just one point behind the UFABET Champions League.

“Very difficult, if you consider the game of the first half. We were lucky to lead 3-0 because they had some great chances. We retreated and conceded two chaotic goals.

“Fantastic ball, he (Said Benrahma) has done that in training many times. It’s just about consistency. I’m excited for him to do assists. He is a player who needs confidence to perform. You have to make him feel like the best player.

“It’s a great finish, he (Manuel Lanzini) is a special player, maybe the rest of the team wouldn’t be able to do that quickly. I’m happy for him

“Yes for sure. (Difficult program) The program we had was crazy, visiting Selhurst Park with the supporters behind them. In the end, we stood strong and got the 3 points we needed.

“I think we can do it (top 4), for us it’s a matter of mentality. If it was at 3-0 it would be a great win. And that’s what we need to change.”Declan Rice say.