Ettifa U-turn completes Gerrard management

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Ettifa U-turn completes Gerrard management

Where is the effort The success is there. Successful in grabbing Steven Gerrard to manage the team. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Al-Ettifaq, newcomer, Pro League, Saudi Arabia Successful in grabbing Steven Gerrard, former Liverpool captain and former Aston Villa boss. As the team’s new boss. With the second attempt. After the deal fell through I didn’t talk to each other before.

Gerrard revealed himself a month ago that He has already decided to reject the offer from Al-Ettifaq. It is reported that this is because Gerrard wants to set up a team of English coaching staff that he has recruited up to 7 people. But Al-Ettifak did not agree to this condition because he wanted to have an inside coach. Theirs is a team too. As a result, the negotiations had to be ended in the end.

“I was invited there (Saudi Arabia) to consider the contract. Which I accepted the invitation And spent the last 2-3 days considering the proposal, but in the end the answer appeared that I decided not to accept this job.”

However, on Monday, Al-Ettifaq confirmed the appointment of the 43-year-old former England captain as manager. without disclosing the length of the contract

There is also a continuous stream of news. That After a new manager has appointed, Al-Ettifaq will enter the transfer market. The first goal is Wilfried Zaha, the talented wing of the Ivory Coast national team. who expired contract with Crystal Palace until being a free agent now Those previously link with Sadio Mane (Bayern Munich) and Philippe Coutinho (Villa) look unclear at this point.