Liverpool give up on Saul

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Liverpool give up on Saul. Liverpool FC has left another shortlist, Atletico Madrid midfielder Saul Niguez, as he does not want to bid for a contract with other clubs interested in him as well.

Report from ‘ The Athletic UK ‘ that since the team lost Jorginho Wijnaldum left as a free agent. The recruiting department has also come up with a number of options, including the 26- year- old midfielder who was not part of the coach Diego Simeone’s plans. And therefore had to leave despite being a pot-ball.  

Originally , Saul had discussed the details with the ‘ Reds ‘ for some time in a positive direction. But when the buy – sell negotiations between the two clubs do not progress. Open the way for leading European teams to come in and offer themselves and pay their heads. And the wages are more than the top teams of Merseyside.  

The Strategic falling negotiating table, not Midfielder Spanish anymore, ” unless the Liverpool changed , which I was tough ,” James Pierce told reporters District Athletic’s UK team Liverpool analyzes.