Escape game! Norwich invade Watford 3-0

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Norwich City picked up three crucial points to escape relegation as Norwich invade Watford 3-0 in a Premier League match between 10 and the hosts last Friday.

The two teams at the bottom of the table are vying for three points. That affect their chances of escaping with Watford sending Emmanuel Dennis and Joao Pedro leading the offensive line. While Norwich City has Teemu Pu Kiki is hope.

Starting the game in the first 20 minutes. UFABET Norwich City had to use the quota as an early substitute. When Yacob Sorensen injury and Kenny McLean came on as a substitute. 

32 min Watford had a chance from a corner. That new defender Samir had head. But the ball is not far away. Angus Gunn can take it in the envelope.

In the last 15 minutes of the first half, Watford had clear control over the game. And there was a chance in injury time that Joao Pedro broke off the right side of the penalty area before choosing to dunk himself. The ball went straight to Angus Gunn, while Emmanuel Dennis was upset that his friend did not pay for both. at the waiting position to shoot better 

Then there was another chance to win, Dennis paid for Sissoko to shoot in the penalty area, but not fully. The ball then fell behind. Ended the first half, the score was still 0-0.

The second half.

Was Norwich City who led 1-0 in the moment when Pookie was diligent in chasing the ball until he got the ball at the end of the back line before opening for Josh Sargent, who, despite the ball backwards, showed his instinct to shoot with the side. The outside foot hits the crossbar before bouncing over the line as a goal.

The game arrived in the 60th minute, where the lights at Vicarage Road were partially extinguished and it took 11 minutes to fix before the game resumed. 

Returning to play for 3 minutes, Norwich was the side who moved 2-0 Milot Rachisa opened the ball from the left for Josh Sargent to float and send the ball to the ground before going into the goal. It was the second goal in the game. This is an American football player. 

Watford’s situation worsened with 10 men left in the 78th minute after Emmanuel Dennis was sent off for a second yellow card for Max Aarons. Stadium

In the 90th minute, Watford fired the ball through the net from a beautiful volley from Moussa Sissoko, but was offside first. The fourth referee then held up a 15-minute stoppage sign because of a power outage plus injury.

In stoppage time, the visiting team got another goal. Adam Idah flicked the ball from the end of the right line to the front goal of the defender, Yuray Kushka, who miscalculated his own goal, which was unfortunate for Norwich City. lead 3-0

Then there were no more goals, and the game ended as Norwich invade Watford 3-0, adding to 16 points and overtaking Watford to 17th in the table.